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My Work

     My pottery is designed and created as one of a kind pieces. I often work in series but no two pieces 

are exactly alike. I throw on the wheel using stoneware and porcelain clay and then alter the piece in some way. Occasionally I hand build a piece from the beginning. My decoration comes from colored porcelain slips for making transfer designs, handmade stencils, sprigs, stamps and multiple glazes.

    My work gets fired in reduction in my 12' natural gas kiln to cone 10, 2345 degrees F. The pots get bisque fired first to cone 04 or 06. I then spray various glazes and refire to cone 10. All of my glazes are mixed by me and are lead free and carefully selected for food safety and desired design.

     Everything I make is food safe, oven safe, dishwasher safe and can be used in the microwave. Pottery is art

that is utilitarian. It can make you happy by viewing it, touching it and using it.

     Please read my "Care Instructions" for best use of my pottery.

My Story

       I first discovered clay as a child, digging it from a hillside near my home in Albany, NY. In the late 70’s after several years teaching seventh grade Biology in Albany, I moved to San Diego. My first clay class was at UCSD Crafts Center: my inspiration and introduction to clay. I continued clay classes at Grossmont College, while I pursued my Nursing degree, doing independent work in experimental glazes, colored clay/slips, surface design and salt kiln firing. My ongoing ceramics education has been informal. While working full time as an RN, I set up my present studio. With the help of my husband, we relocated a friend's twelve cubic foot West Coast gas kiln and installed it in our backyard.

       My work gets fired to cone 10 (2345 F) in reduction.  I am always looking for something different to incorporate into  my work. Trying new slip techniques and glazes still take a lot of my time.

       My pots usually begin on the wheel, then are altered and decorated by applying colored slip designs, stencils or decals. The feel of soft leatherhard ware makes this my favorite stage to work with clay. The designs I use of birds, animals and plants reflect my undergraduate classes in field Biology and my time spent hiking and raising my chickens.

       My recent work can be seen at the San Diego Potters' Guild in Spanish Village, Balboa Park where I have been a member since 1981. My studio also has a Facebook page.

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